Exploring northern Thailand by motorbike.

Exploring the northern part of Thailand on a motorbike


Chiang Mai is a lovely city in the northern part of Thailand. It wasn’t our plan to go to Thailand after Nepal, but as Roman had to fly out for an assignment to another country for a week, I decided to spend that time in Chiang Mai. At first I was a little bit nervous of traveling all alone for the very first time, but realized quickly that it’s no big deal.

Staying in backpacker hostels I met a ton of other solo travelers. And the locals in Thailand were super friendly and helpful too. I noticed that there’s no reason to be anxious, it’s quite the opposite 😉

After doing some research on accommodation online the Green Sleep Hostel was my choice and I can totally recommend it. Their stuff is super nice, the rooms are clean (you can even go to the toilets barefoot) and an awesome breakfast is included. But my favorite part was definitely that there’s free coffee all day long!

As a backpackers „paradise“ Chiang Mai has a lot to offer, but I decided to focus on myself. I really missed yoga in Nepal and finally had time for it again. Every day I went to Namo Yoga as my body definitely needed that. Thailand is also famous for it’s delicious dishes and I ate a ton of it. My favorites places to grab a snack were the Bird´s Nest Cafe and the Blue Diamond Breakfast Club. The markets are lovely too! There’s one almost every day. I just took a bicycle (which was included with my stay) and rode it to the markets and all the other places in this little city. Such a great way to move around!

Curry at Bird's Nest.
Curry at Bird’s Nest.


One week passes by fast and in an wink on an eye Roman arrived in Chiang Mai. With curry as one of his favorite dishes he felt „at home“ instantly. We hadn’t much plans on what to do in Thailand but were pretty keen on the idea of going more north to check out the mountains there.
Still in Chiang Mai we met up with Donal. He’s a suuuper nice guy from the US who is now living in Iceland. He also is an incredible photographer (check out his Instagram). We went for dinner and connected immediately. With two photographers on the table there wasn’t much for me to contribute. 😉
We decided to do a little motorbike trip up north. The area around a city called „Fang“ was our goal…

Stoked! Helena, Donal & Roman. | iPhone snapshot
Stoked! Helena, Donal & Roman. | iPhone snapshot


Meet the crew.


It was the first time Roman drove a proper motorbike. Heck he doesn’t even have a license for it. But we are in Thailand and it was absolutely no problem. You sign the papers, hand over the cash and off you go! 
After ten minutes on the road, still in the city we run into a police check. Seems like they stop all tourists and ask for a license. Roman did show them his Austrian driver’s license which didn’t impress them very much. So we payed 500 THB (~13€) and had to promise that they don’t see us again that day. No problem!

Our motorbikes.
Our motorbikes.


Early mornings in Thailand.
Early mornings in Thailand.


The north of Thailand is beautiful. It’s full of hills packed with trees and little roads in between. We really enjoyed to move around on a motorbike. It makes the whole travel very easy and flexible.

We drove up that road.
We drove up that road.


Dead end.
Dead end.


But to be on the road with two photographers is different than your average bike trip. We started riding those bikes every day in the dark way before sunrise and after sunset you’ll find yourself somewhere on a peak ready to hike down with your headlamp on. It also meant loads of stops, exploring and fast rides to “chase” that light…
Good times though!

Where is that drone?
Where is that drone?




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