Things you need for a trek in the Himalayas

9 things to bring when you trek in the Himalayas


Some people bring a lot when they go for a long trek and some go with very minimal equipment. It’s a personal choice, there’s no wrong or right. See our recommendations for a trek to the Himalayas in Nepal. Some things make live just easier…

Note: There are affiliate links in this post, which means that if you click the link and purchase a product, we’ll get a small commission. Don’t worry the price is still the same for you. We will only link to products that we have actually used and can personally recommend. Things that we would link to regardless of an affiliate account, and we hope that you find our recommendations useful and relevant.

1. Bandana

Very recommended! It protects you against the Khumbu Cough which is caused by the low humidity and sub zero temperatures experienced at altitude and is thought to be triggered by over exertion. A simple Bandana mouth mask is a good protection.

The Bandana is on after three days in the bed...
The Bandana is on after three days in the bed…


2. Warm sleeping bag (especially for girls)

Did you know that men have one dermal layer more than women? They really have and I guess that’s the reason why girls do always freeze faster 😉

Even though there are blankets in the lodges sometimes they’re just not thick enough and if you are picky, you definitely want to use your own sleeping bag. On the nights were everything started freezing inside we put a blanket over our sleeping bag. Our bags are form Haglöfs, they are great.

Never feel cold again...
Never feel cold again…


3. Solar panels

Very useful! Especially if you’re a photographer and take a lot of images. Even though there is sometimes the possibility to charge batteries in the lodges it’s highly recommended to bring a solar panel setup to play it safe. It weights almost nothing and is easy to use. Charging in Lodges doesn’t work always and gets more expensive the higher you go. We used a Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solapanel and never had problems. Every evening we had a (almost) full Anker PowerCore to charge batteries or phones. Just put the panels on your backpack and after a full day hike it was fully recharged. 

Put the solar panel on your backpack.
Put the solar panel on your backpack.


4. Games

Yes, bring a small pocket game like Mastermind or playing cards. After a full day of hiking you going to look forward to spend some time in a hut with tea and food. It gets dark around 6 P.M. and you won’t go to bed every day at 8 P.M. 😉 Playing something is a great way to „waste“ some time. We forgot ours and played „Hangman“ every night, but after two weeks it gets a bit monotonous…


5. Trekking pole’s

Bring your own light trekking pole’s – they are totally worth it. Hiking with a heavy backpack is much easier with sticks. An additional benefit is that you also use the muscles of your arms while hiking. Almost a full body workout. Hehe!


6. Water treatment system

The water filter was one of our essentials on the trip. Everybody will tell you that the most important thing is to drink a lot while hiking. Especially at this altitude. True it is. But that means you going to buy a ton of plastic bottles which most likely end up somewhere on the mountain. And again, they are getting more expensive the higher you go.

We recommend the “Hiker Pro” from Katadyn – it’s easy to use and makes you water independent. Use it in streams, lakes or filter the tap water. We used it every day to fill up our Camelbacks


7. Sunprotection for the lips

Actually a no-brainer. But notice: It’s not enough just to bring it, you also have to USE it!!
Otherwise you have to deal with painful lips like these: 

Romans burned lips | iPhone snapshot
Romans burned lips | iPhone snapshot


8. Extra shoes vs. flip flops

Bring at least one of the two. Helena brought flip flops, Roman on the other hand shoes. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. But you need something to put on after you get out of your hiking boots. It is actually one of the highlights every day to leave those and give your feet some freedom… The boots going to smell really bad too after some time! Yes yours too!


9. Pocket knife 

It’s a must-have for every trip! Get one with a basic scissors it makes a good beard trimmer for your boyfriend 😀 

This was filmed in Vietnam though. More about this adventure coming soon…

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Exploring the northern part of Thailand on a motorbike

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