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Vietnam – The beauty of simplicity


We are still alive 😉
Please excuse us for the lack of posts here lately but since we are back in Austria so many opportunities happened at the same time. We had to work on different projects back to back. And on top of that Roman was finally setting up everything for his new portfolio website which will be released soon. We are definitely motivated and have a ton of ideas for this blog – just give us a little time…

Back to Vietnam. We have to share more of our motorcycle adventure with you guys! Although we didn’t get lucky with the weather there, we definitely didn’t miss out on great experiences!


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Salad Bowl with roasted Pumpkin and Sweet Potato

New ZealandRecipes

Yes, finally it’s time for our first vegetarian recipe.
Much more to come, stay tuned!

The backstory

It’s 3 a.m. Our alarm clock is ringing. We get up, take our backpacks and start. Our goal Mt. Ruapehu (2.797m). We did arrive at the parking lot quite late and haven’t seen much of the area when there was still light. It took us three hours navigating under the stars to get up this mountain. Keep reading

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